Anti Hair Fall Kit | Aloe Vera Shampoo | Black Seed Oil


Anti Hairfall Kit is all you need to fight HAIRFALL!

Herbion Anti Hair Fall Shampoo – made with Natural Blend of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Moringa Extracts

Herbion Naturals Aloe Vera Shampoo has been specifically formulated for dry and delicate hair. It makes hair strong from root to tip and reduces hair loss by balancing the sebum build up in scalp. Vitamins and minerals in this shampoo promote growth for sturdy and healthy hair. The gentle yet thorough cleansing detangles and improves hair’s manageability and texture, leaving it supple, nurtured and voluminous.

Herbion Pure Black Seed Oil – helps strengthen hair & reduces hairfall

Black Seed Oil is an excellent phytotherapeutic medicine used to treat respiratory, skin, stomach, kidney and liver related conditions. It helps regulate and restore their proper functionality.