7 Common Shampooing Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hair

According to hair experts, proper scalp and hair care are essential in maintaining hygiene, but you might not be shampooing your hair correctly. A lot of individuals are guilty of not lathering, rinsing, or repeating the right way. Somedays, you may spend more time massaging the scalp. On others, you may do a quick rinse and call it a day. No wonder good hair days are so far apart. Sounds familiar? You are not alone. 

Shampooing Hair Mistakes to Avoid 

Just like everything else, there is always room for improvement in getting the maximum bang for your buck from your hygiene routine. Proper scalp and hair care do not have to take hours. Just a few tips done the right way can help improve the appearance of your lackluster mane and give you the head-turning voluminous hair of your dreams. To err is human; to correct is divine. Here are seven of the most common mistakes people make when shampooing their hair. Continue reading to find out if you are guilty of making any shampooing hair mistakes. 

Mistake #7: Is Washing Your Hair Too Often Bad for You? 

Most people take a shower every day as part of their daily hygiene routine. However, some individuals also wash their hair daily. This is a dire mistake that should be avoided at all costs, especially now that the cold winter breeze is slowly sneaking up on us. Shampooing hair every day can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dull and dry looking hair that can break off easily by combing or running your fingers through them. Furthermore, it also makes the scalp overproduce sebum, thereby leading to greasiness. 

While you do not want to over wash your tresses, you also do not want to under wash them. Try washing your hair every other day or every two days. Doing so allows your scalp to release its natural oils, which prevents dandruff, promotes hair health, and even makes styling easier. Another great tip is to use a small amount of oil on your hair prior to shampooing. This creates a natural barrier between your shampoo and hair that prevents harsh ingredients from stripping natural oils from your hair and drying it. 

Mistake #6: Applying Too Much Shampoo 

A high-quality shampoo with top-notch ingredients that can promote hair health can be quite costly. So if you use a fancy shampoo and find it finishing too soon, here is a wonderful tip to simultaneously save the product and improve hair health. Quite a lot of individuals are unsure as to how much shampoo is too much or too little. While you do not want to lean on either end of the spectrum, as using too much shampoo leaves behind product build-up and cause wastage, whereas too little will not clean your hair enough. 

Whether you have a pixie haircut, crew cut, short or long hair, all you need is a dime-size amount to wash your hair. You are probably wondering how you will manage to clean long hair with such a small amount of shampoo. This leads us to the next mistake, continue reading to find out. 

Mistake #5Is it Bad to Shampoo the Ends of Your Hair? 

A common misconception is to apply shampoo from your scalp to the ends. However, we are here to set the record straight you should concentrate shampoo on your scalp. Massage your scalp at least thrice; this helps promote blood circulation and removes sebum build-up effectively. Whatever is left on your palms should be run through the ends and washed off. 

Since the hair ends are the oldest pieces of hair, they are also the driest part. Shampooing them can dry them further. Besides, since they are the farthest from the scalp, they do not get oily and do not require shampooing. However, they require plenty of conditioning and oiling. 

Mistake #4: Should You Condition All of Your Hair? 

This leads us to our next point, using conditioner the wrong way. Often, people tend to use conditioners from the root to tip. However, your scalp does not need it. The natural production of sebum is enough to keep it lubricated. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to concentrate conditioners on the hair shaft below the ear lobes till the very ends or on the last three inches of the hair. Leave it on according to instructions on the label, then rinse it off. Make sure you use just enough to cover your hair. Using too many products can weigh your hair down and cause them to look flat.  

Mistake #3: Why is it Bad to Wash Hair with Hot Water? 

Taking relaxing, hot baths in the winter months can feel like an absolute treat. However, hot water can do more damage than good. Hot water can cause flakiness, dry and itchy scalp, thereby leading to dandruff and hair fall. During the chilly weather, turn to lukewarm water instead of scalding hot water. Follow up with a cold rinse. There is a reason why hairstylists rave about cold water rinses. Hot water raises the cuticle; cold rinse ensures it closes. The latter technique allows the cuticle to flatten, enabling light to reflect and bounce better for a shinier appearance. Furthermore, warm water makes hair frizzy, whereas a cold rinse can prevent this. 

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Mistake #2: Not Using Enough Water 

While we are all for saving water, when you shampoo your hair, using plenty of water is a vital step. Soaking wet hair allows for easy application of shampoo, and you only need a little amount to lather. Most people only require a minute or two to wet their hair properly. However, if you have a thicker mane, give it a few extra minutes, and then apply shampoo for easy application. 

Mistake #1: Not Washing Out Shampoo Properly 

Once done, ensure you rinse out hair products properly to avoid leaving behind any shampoo or conditioner built up on your hair or scalp. If you do not use enough water to remove products, you will weigh your hair down. Hairstyles such as high ponytails will not stay in place for too long. So the next time you shampoo, make sure to give an extra minute or two to rinse out any product.  


If you are guilty of any of the mistakes mentioned above, there is no time like the present to rectify them. Try our tips today to get one step closer to beautiful and manageable locks that look and feel healthy to the touch.