Foods to Avoid During Cough and Cold for Toddlers 

Most of us are familiar with foods that boost health and control cough and cold. However, it can be daunting which foods to avoid since some of our everyday delicious treats have a cooling effect that can amplify respiratory infections. Worry not, we have compiled a list of foods below for you to breeze through, which will help you steer clear of certain foods your child might gravitate towards, but will only provoke his symptoms.  

1.    Cow’s milk 

Conventional dairy is known to aggravate congestion, since it is pasteurized it can increase inflammation and thicken mucus. However, you can still give it to your child if he is above one-year-old. You can either reduce the quantity or stop it entirely while they are ill. Other forms of dairy such as cheese and soy milk are acceptable during this time. Though some studies consider it to be a myth, it is best to avoid it. 

2.    Processed Foods 

Numerous processed foods contain GMOs which contribute to severe inflammatory response that weaken immunity. These foods also spike up mucus production and are low in nutrition content.  

3.    Certain fruits 

During throat infections fruit intake should be increased, however knowing which ones to have and which to avoid can play a vital role. Skip grapes, bananas, watermelon, lychee and tender coconut to boost the recovery process. These fruits are known to aggravate cough and cold symptoms since they promote the production of mucus.  

4.    Dry Fruits and Nuts 

During cough, your child faces difficulty breathing which hampers their ability to chew properly. The risk of small pieces getting stuck to your child’s throat while coughing is relatively high, especially for those under two. Hence it is best to avoid dry fruits and nuts during this time.  

5.    Curd 

Curd is ideal to aid digestion and is an excellent source of good bacteria, it is not recommended for children suffering from cough. Eating curd promotes secretions from the glands which leads to mucus development, especially if consumed in the evening. This excess mucus can be difficult for those suffering from respiratory infections, asthma and cough. 

6.    Fried Foods 

It is recommended keeping fried snacks away from your child while he is still coping with illness, this includes fries, burgers, nuggets. These foods typically contain fats and oils derived from animal products such as omega-6 fatty acids, lard and butter which boost the production of mucus, that can worsen cold and cough. 

7.    Chocolate 

Though it’s easy to have your kid take medicine when bribed with a bar of chocolate, it must be avoided during illness. Milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate contains high amounts of sugar which can increase the formation of phlegm in some children.  

8.    Refined Sugar 

This delicious treat declines your child’s defense mechanism against inflammation and infections. It works by reducing the generation of white blood cells which attack pathogens that weaken the natural immune response. Though it may be comforting, you must try to avoid giving sweet treats to your child during illness. This includes sugary breakfast cereals, gummies and chocolate drinks. 

9.    Processed Fruit Juice 

Packed fruit juices though are convenient, can be detrimental to your child’s health. Naturally, fruit is not that sweet, in order to make drinks more appealing artificial sugar is added to the mix. It is important that you prevent insulin levels from escalating which can weaken immunity. Additionally, box orange juice may not contain enough vitamin C as a whole fruit would.  

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