6 Must-Try Effective Remedies for Dry Hands

If you find yourself struggling with dry hands during the coronavirus pandemic, then you are not alone. Washing hands frequently for 20 seconds along with the use of hand sanitizer throughout the day can leave the delicate skin on your hands feeling dry. 

Did you know the skin on your hands is much thinner than most parts of your body? This is, of course, with the exception of the skin on your palms. The palms are quite thick and can withstand a lot more than the rest of your hands.  

The delicate thin skin of the hands enables it to hold less natural oils and moisture, which is why you must take special care of it. Products that dry out the skin throughout the day can leave your skin appearing more aged than it is. After all, one of the first signs of ageing appears on the hands.  

In this article, we will take a closer look at easy ways you can resurge moisture, promote the softness and enhance the overall appearance of your hands. 

Best Hand Cream for Wrinkles and Dryness 

One of the best ways to add moisture into dry skin is with the use of a top-notch skin care cream. We recommend you try Herbion Naturals Sweet Almond Hand Cream. Our best hand cream contains the goodness of the finest ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and allow your skin to retain its natural moisture. 

Sweet almond and honey in this moisturizing cream help maintain the skin’s firmness, texture and natural tone. Pomegranate seed oil relieves dry skin and helps retain moisture balance. The frequent application of Herbion Hand Cream gives you supremely soft hands that feel silky smooth to the touch.  

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The numerous benefits of hand cream make it a must in your everyday self-care ritual. Therefore, as a rule of thumb carry askincare creamin your car’s dashboard, purse, keep one at your desk at work and your bedside table. The more easily accessible it will be, the higher the probability will be of you using it frequently. 

Tips for Buying the Best Hand Cream 

When looking for the best lotion for frequently washed hands, try to look for ingredients that work as a natural humectant, not only do they work better, but they also penetrate deeper into the skin. Some humectants to keep a lookout for include ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. 

Glycerin and hyaluronic acid pull in hydration from the second layer of the skin, dermis, to the top layer of the skin, epidermis. While, ceramides help seal cracks within the outer skin layer, which helps minimize exposure to factors in the environment that can potentially damage the skin and lead to loss of hydration. 

Gloves for Dry Cracked Hands 

The coronavirus pandemic requires us to protect our hands against germs. One should also make it a habit to wear gloves while doing the dishes, laundry or even while cleaning the house with harsh chemicals as they can irritate the skin. 

For unbeatable hydration for even the most sandpaper-like skin, try this overnight treatment for dry hands. All you need is a pair of gloves and thick petroleum jelly. The gloves help lock in the ointment and prevent it from smearing it all over your bedding. This DIY works best at night; however, you can also try it during the day while watching a movie. Our hack is excellent for summers as well as dry hands in winters when the skin cracks and feels unbearable. 

You can also try readily available hand masks from the store for a hand treatment at home. Follow the instructions of application and revive the softness of your hands in minutes. 

Another great tip is always to wear a thin layer of sunblock cream. We usually think of using the best sunblock for face, but we often forget that our hands are equally exposed to sunlight. A top quality sunblock with UVA and UVB protection can help reduce the appearance of sun damage, dryness and even sunspots. Keep your hands looking young, fabulous and incredibly soft with Herbion Sunflower Sunblock with broad-spectrum SPF 50. 

How to Apply Moisturizer? 

No matter which moisturizing cream you use, be sure to use it on damp hands after washing your hands, taking a shower and even a few minutes after sanitizing. Damp skin helps the product absorb better into the skin. 

If you enjoy taking long showers, you might want to reconsider cutting them short. Also, avoid hot water and once you step out, gently towel dry and use a thick skincare cream all over concentrating on your hands to lock in moisture. 

Use Simple Gentle Care Hand Wash 

Dry hands from washing with harsh products can leave your hands feeling parched and irritated. Similarly, over scrubbing your hands can also strip it of its natural oils and leave it with a white cast and wrinkly appearance. 

Therefore, we recommend you use a gentle liquid hand wash such as Herbion Neem Hand Wash. Our plant-derived Hand Wash contains Neem, which has antibacterial properties that eliminate germs. Aloe Vera in the gentle formula deeply cleanses the skin and maintains its natural softness. The mildly fragranced Liquid Hand Wash is suitable for all skin types and even the most frequent hand washers. 

DIY Home Remedies for Dry Hands 

One of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry for ultra-soft and supple skin is the use of coconut oil for dry skin. This thick oil is rich in fatty acids that penetrate the skin and heal it naturally. Take a small amount of coconut oil on your palms, warm it up and apply it all over your hands. 

Another great option to consider is the use of olive oil. This best oil for dry skin offers optimum moisture which replenishes the skin cells with anti-oxidants. This oil is also great for reducing the ageing process and naturally enhancing the overall appearance of your skin.