7 Compelling Reasons to Use Hair Oils

Between trying new hairstyles, sporting sleek straight locks or dying hair with the hottest trendiest shades, when was the last time you oiled your hair? Hair oil is the best-kept secret for luscious, voluminous locks for women all over the world, and for a good reason. Oiling can help combat damage caused due to chemical dyes, heat styling tools, backcombing and trying intricate hairstyles. Hair oils can do wonders for even the limpest of strands and help maintain hair health for gorgeous locks. Moreover, oiling can also provide much-needed hydration, vitamins and minerals to your strands. 

Which Hair Oil is the Best for Hair Growth? 

With a wide array of selection of oils in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right oil for your hair type. If you are looking for anherbal hair oil that gives you silky soft, beautiful hair, then we recommend you try Herbion Hair Oil. It does this and so much more. Unlike any other oil in the market, our herbal hair oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and gives you the benefits of overnight oiling in just one hour, which makes it a favorite among women of all ages in Pakistan. After all, who enjoys sleeping with greasy hair? We don’t! 

So what makes our hair oil so awesome? It contains a blend of Mother Nature’s best ingredients for hair health, namely, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil for hair, tea tree oil, Amla Khushk, Sika Kai, Berg-e-Henna and menthol. This one-of-a-kind hair oil prevents hair loss, promotes manageable, strong hair and enhances hair growth.  

Benefits of Applying Hair Oil 

No matter which hair oil you choose, you can benefit from oiling your hair in the following ways. 

Benefits of Hair Oil Massage for Hair Fall 

Stress is one of the many reasons people commonly face hair fall. What better way to relax, than with a hot oil massage? Gently massaging the scalp is an excellent way to boost hair health. It stimulates blood circulation all over the scalp, which helps nourish hair follicles which strengthens the hair and promotes new hair growth. Massaging the hair can also help lubricate the scalp, prevent dryness and flakiness. Furthermore, hair oil makes hair more manageable and less prone to breakage.  

Revitalize Your Hair with Hair Oil 

Did you know pollution, sunlight and even shampoo tends to suck the hydration out of your hair and make it appear dull, dry and brittle? Dry hair breaks much faster than well-nourished hair. One of the most effective ways to avoid it is with a good hair oil massage. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for hair for this purpose, or try Herbion Hair Oil as it contains both these oils and plenty of other effective ones. 

Hair Oil is Good for Hair Growth 

Whether you accidentally got a disastrous haircut or are bored of the same short hair and are looking to increase your hair length rapidly, hair oil is your best bet at achieving your hair length goals in the shortest amount of time. Across many countries, coconut oil is considered one of the best oils for hair growth. This is owing to its high fatty acid content which penetrates deep within the hair follicles. Benefits of oiling hair with coconut oil owe to its high content of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals that combine to repair hair strands and promote scalp health. 

Hair Food 

It is no surprise hair oil is hair food. Hair soaks up oil and rejuvenates it to bring it back to life. Oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that are excellent for hair health. For this reason, almond oil for hair and skin is one of the most popular oils. This potent oil is packed with vitamin E, K and B that are vital for maintaining hair integrity, shine, softness and hydration especially if you are someone who tends to put your hair through a lot of heat styling or hair color. Moreover, the high nourishment prevents brittle strands and split ends. Herbion 100% Pure Almond Oil for Hair is excellent for boosting hair health.  

Hair Oil for Dandruff 

Everyone has faced this pesky problem at some point or another. Dandruff is the cause of dry and overly sweaty scalp, which typically can be experienced due to pollution, dust and a cold climate. The best way to combat this is by oiling the hair at least twice a week and reducing the number of times you shampoo your scalp, as this helps your scalp produce natural oils which nourish it and keeps dandruff at bay. 

If you are wondering which hair oil is best for dry scalp, then try olive oil.Olive oil for hair works as a natural dandruff remedy due to its moisturizing properties. Rich in oleic acid, it helps lock in moisture, while vitamin E in this oil helps enhance hair growth. This oil has been used since centuries by women to improve the appearance of dull, frizzy and damaged hair. 

Oiling for Strong Roots 

Oiling hair frequently not only removes harmful toxins from the hair but also strengthens it from root to tip. Applying good quality hair oil replenishes the hair and brings it back to life. Strong, healthy hair is less prone to breakage, plus they look beautiful. Healthy hair is also excellent for women who love trying new hairstyles, such as French braids, high ponytails and messy buns. 

Hair Oil for Lice 

Hair lice are a pesky problem often faced by school-going children. Lice are typically attracted to dry hair and the bacteria it causes, however, sitting at close quarters with others who have it, increases your chances of getting it too. Hair oil not only helps you remove lice by lubricating the hair strands, but it also lowers your chances of getting an infestation. Olive oil is loaded with anti-bacterial properties that make it excellent for preventing lice. 

Take Away 

Ladies if you want to flaunt beautiful, luscious locks then be sure to use an herbal hair oil at least twice a week. Keep heat styling for special occasions and focus on maintaining hair health. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, get proper sleep and keep stress at bay as the combination of these results in the most beautiful hair.