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5 Incredible Almond Oil Benefits for Beautiful Hair

Almonds are one of the most popular dry fruits due to the high nutritional content. This delicious nut is a rich source of vitamin E and is therefore considered essential in most women’s beauty regimes. Vitamin E is packed with anti-aging benefits that help keep signs of wrinkles at bay and help you retain youthfulness for longer. Moreover, some other benefits of almonds for skin include improving the appearance of dry feet, hands, cracked heels, tan removal, brightening of the skin and treating skin infections, such as eczema. No wonder almonds are essential in natural beauty products. 

One of the most popular uses of almonds is for hair health. This nut oil can be massaged into the scalp to relax the muscles, improve circulation, and beautify the hair in more ways than one. It is jam-packed with vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, zinc, potassium, and proteins. We recommend you try Herbion Almond Oil to feel the difference firsthand.  

This 100% pure and natural best almond oil for hairis ideal for relieving headaches, massaging the body, improving skin elasticity, and promoting hair health. Wondering where to shop for almond hair oil near me? Stay home, stay safe, and hop over to Herbion Online Shopfor a doorstep delivery across the nation. 

What Are the Benefits of Almond Hair Oil? 

If you are on the fence debating whether or not you should be using almond oil, then this article will help eliminate your confusion. Below are five ways you can benefit from using almond oil for hair. 

Almond Oil for Dandruff 

Dandruff is a commonly faced problem among men and women. Not only is dandruff hard to conceal, but it also causes itchiness, aggravates hair loss and makes wearing dark clothing close to impossible. If you are suffering from a dry or flaky scalp, it can be due to shampooing frequently, not cleaning the scalp properly, or due to skin conditions such as eczema, Seborrhoeic dermatitis, a yeast-like fungus, allergies or scalp psoriasis.  

Dandruff builds up around the hair follicles and prevents proper oxygen from reaching the scalp. The regular use of almond oil along with shampooing helps loosens dandruff and cleans it effectively. Warm almond oil and massage it into the scalp to remove dead skin cells. Follow with a mild shampoo and say bye to dandruff for good. 

Almond Oil for Hair Fall and Split Ends 

Hair fall can be experienced throughout the year due to several reasons including scalp inflammation, dryness and lack of nutrition. Hair loss is also commonly experienced due to zinc deficiency, which is linked with hair thinning. A lack of calcium and magnesium can also hamper hair growth. 

Almonds are a rich source of calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are needed for hair growth and for maintaining hair health. This nut hair strengthens hair and hydrates it, which makes it less prone to hair fall. For optimal benefits, one should not only apply almond oil but also eat a handful of almonds regularly. 

Try mixing equal parts of almond, castor and olive oil and massage it gently on slightly wet hair. Apply it twice a week for a few months for the ultimate split ends hair solution. As for how to get rid of existing split ends? Unfortunately, they cannot be repaired and should, therefore, be cut, before they travel up the hair shaft and damage the remaining hair. 

Natural Scalp Inflammation Treatment 

As we go about our daily lives, our hair is exposed to chemicals, heat styling, heat from sunlight and pollution, all of this can result in scalp inflammation or infections. If this is not taken care of soon enough, it can aggravate and weaken hair or lead to dandruff.  

Almond oil is rich in fatty acids that penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish the hair from root to tip. This potent oil not only reduces inflammation but also improves blood circulation, which promotes hair growth.  

Natural Hair Shine Product and Hair Dangler 

If you run your fingers through your hair and it tangles at the ends, then you know it results in tugging of the hair leading to a lot more breakage than you would typically have. You can easily avoid this by hydrating your hair as much as possible. Almond oil is rich in essential fatty acids that are excellent for providing your hair much-needed hydration, so it feels soft and radiates shine from root to tip. This makes hair more manageable and less prone to tangling. 

You can apply almond oil directly to your hair or take it up a notch by making a hair mask to reap remarkable benefits. All you need is an avocado, mash it well into a thick consistency and add almond oil to it. Mix well and apply to hair for approximately 45 minutes, wash it off with shampoo, follow up with a conditioner to ensure your hair is supremely soft. This treatment makes it easier to glide your comb through the hair without the risk of tangling, tugging, or breaking it. 

Will Almond Oil Promote Hair Growth? 

Almond oil for hair growth is one of the best-kept secrets for luscious long strands. Vitamin E, phospholipids, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium found in almonds help promote long, healthy, and shiny hair. The aromatic scent of this natural oil makes it ideal for applying before or after shampooing as well. Take 3 to 5 drops of oil, massage it into wet hair and brush through. Almond oil absorbs quickly into damp hair and does not make it greasy. 


Whether you like to dye your hair, heat style, or tie it into braids, beauty does not have to come with a hefty price of damaging your hair. Incorporate almond oil into your hair care routine to add shine, nourishment, and life back into your strands. You can apply it as frequently as you desire. Be sure to choose an oil that is all natural and free of chemicals, such as Herbion Almond Oil.