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10 Super Fun Ways to Beat the Heat Effectively

In this scorching weather, it can get unbearably hot real fast. This heat can take over your body, mood, mind and electricity bill. Rising temperatures can make even the highest spirits turn into a downer. Do you know that weather reports have predicted heatwaves in Karachi from April till June in 2019? That’s right, it is essential you wear loose light-colored clothing and take necessary precautions to stay safe. We recommend you add fun into your daily routine to enjoy summers and avoid getting dizzy under the weather.  

Let’s embark on the journey of super fun ideas so you can enjoy this summer like never before! Try them with your entire family and allow each member to take part in DIY projects. Even if the power is out, we guarantee you’ll remain cool. 

1.    Summer Drink

From amongst all the delicious drinks our national drink of Pakistan, Samar Rus stands out like no other. Made with a combination of distilled extracts Herbion Samar Rus is easy to make, simply mix in a chilled glass of water or milk, stir and enjoy. Top it with ice cubes and add a tangy twist by squeezing a lemon. The syrup-like concentrate of this drink requires no sugar which makes it a healthy alternative to most drinks.  

2.    DIY Gola Ganda 

There is nothing better in hot weather than enjoying Pakistan’s most favorite colorful desert “Gola Ganda.” It consists of shaved ice on a stick. Make it at home to ensure hygiene and quality. First freeze ice cubes wrap them in a clean cotton cloth and crush them into tiny little pieces with a hammer. Transfer crushed ice into tiny little disposable cups and place a stick in the center. Now allow it to freeze. In a small bowl add some coconut flakes and mix green food coloring. Turn this into a fun activity to enjoy with kids by allowing them to prepare their own gola gandas. Once it has frozen let your little one’s drizzle Pakistani summer drink Samar Rus, a little bit of coconut mixture and condensed milk onto the gola ganda. Enjoy! 

3.    Hydrate 

No matter how busy you are, make sure to keep yourself and your family hydrated at all times. Heat waves are accompanied by heat strokes, so it is best to stay indoors and drink lots of water. Furthermore, we tend to sweat more during summers, so it is essential to refill our tank with H2O. It is recommended you consume 8-ounce glasses which is equal to half a gallon or 2 liters of water. Drinking adequate water keeps you hydrated, improves concentration and reduces headaches. 

4.    Fruity Infused Water 

If you struggle to drink water frequently, try infusing it with fresh mint leaves, lemon, strawberries, berries, etc. The numerous benefits of Infused water include immune defense, appetite control, blood sugar regulation, heartburn prevention, weight management and hydration. 

5.    Swim Your Worries Away  

If you have access to a pool take a dive and enjoy chilling out. However, if you don’t, simply get a plastic swimming pool. They are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. We guarantee your kids will love splashing around. Gather plastic toys to play, a bucket to dump water on their heads and you are all set to have the time of your life bonding with your little angels. If you have a good friend or neighbor who has a pool, don’t be shy about asking if you can come over for a swim. Most pool owners are delighted to share with friends.  

Always remember to slather on Herbion Sunblock with Sunflower Oil when stepping out in the sun. It contains broad-spectrum SPF 50 which feels non-greasy, is water resistant and light on the skin. Apply it all over your face and any body parts that are exposed. For best results apply at least 30 minutes before heading out and reapply every 2 hours to ensure you remain protected. 

6.    Take a Cold Shower 

Nothing cools you down in summers, faster than a splash of cold shower. Be sure not to waste water though by staying in longer than required. You can get a similar sensation by washing your face with Herbion Neem Face Wash since naturally, neem is rich in cooling properties which soothe the skin. 

7.    Sip on Smoothies 

Make this healthy nutritious drink with your little ones. Let them load the blender with their choice of fruits such as bananas, strawberries or mangoes, add half a cup of ice cubes and milk. Blend until the consistency is thick and smooth. Top off with vibrant permanent straws and enjoy! 

8.    Prepare DIY Popsicles 

Get your popsicle molds ready! Pick your choice of fruit such as watermelon and blend it. You can add coconut shreds and fresh mint if you want. However, if you are a chocoholic like us, we highly recommend making Nutella Banana Fudgesicles. You’ll need 1 cup skimmed milk, 1/3 Nutella and 1 medium-size banana. Add it to a blender until smooth. Pour into a popsicle mold and freeze until solid. Once ready, loosen the mold and enjoy! 

9.    Enjoy a Road Trip 

Sometimes all you need is to take a break from your daily schedule, roll down the windows and feel the wind in your hair. Heading out for a road trip can be super exciting and improve your bond with your loved ones. Load up the car with your group of friends, pack necessary snacks and drinks, turn up the tunes and just chill out in your car as you drive around new places. Use this time to reconnect and create new memories that you will cherish for years to come. 

10.  Head Out for a Picnic 

On the weekend pack a basket with eatables of your choice and head out with family for a peaceful picnic at your favorite local spot. Prepare Herbion Samar Rus, lemonade, fruit salads and delicious snacks. Be sure to bring your favorite board games and a deck of cards to play. Don’t forget to wear SPF and Xero bite Lotion to ward off mosquitoes and pesky little insects.